Environmental Catalyst Lab.


In order to create "a Better Environment for the Future", we develop catalyst technologies such as deodorization, DeNOx and sterilization in the Environmental Catalyst Laboratory to realize comprehensive clean air.
The Environmental Catalyst Laboratory consists of the Industrial Environmental Catalyst Group and the Living Environmental Catalyst Group, the former conducting research for rendereing exhaust gas from chemical plant harmless, the latter research for resolving indoor air pollution by applying deodorization technology used for refrigerators and air cleaners and sterilization technology.
We are aiming at improving customer satisfaction by cooperating with the business and
manufacturing departments to quickly develop products that meet customer demands.

Strength and Characteristics

We carry out development of products and technical support to customers utilizing the following knowledge accumulated from our long experience in this field.

  • Catalysis technology on honeycomb form which has low pressure loss and high contact efficiency
  • Evaluation of catalytic performance by proprietary testing devices
  • Technology and facilities for production of various catalyst forms
  • Analysis and characterization of catalysts



Catalyst Performance Testing Equipment

Information of Developed Products

Industrial Environmental Catalyst for rendering exhaust gas from chemical plant harmless

  • VOC decomposition catalyst with resistance to halogen and sulfur in exhaust gas
  • VOC decomposition catalyst with resistance to organic silicon in exhaust gas
  • Organic nitrogen compounds / ammonia decomposition catalyst which suppress formation of NOx, N2O
  • Denitration catalyst which can reduce NOx and N2O simultaneously
  • Ozone decomposition catalyst for industrial plant

Living Environmental Catalyst for living environment

  • Deodorization catalyst for refrigerator
  • Deodorization catalyst for air cleaner
  • Ozone decomposition catalyst for copier
  • Catalyst for removal of smoke in IH cooking heater