Advantages of Nikki

Proven Records and Know-hows for more than Half Century

advantage 01We have been providing various solutions with catalysts for more than half century since we commenced the sales of catalysts for oil refining and petrochemistry in 1963. We have been challenging for solving the various environmental matters with proven records as the leading company for oil refining and petrochemical catalysts. Besides, we have challenged to develop environmental catalysts by our own technology. We keep on challenging to develop catalysts for new applications which have never been developed for, as well as for existing applications.


Worldwide Supply Records

advantage 02We have been supplying our products such as UOP process catalysts and deodorant catalysts worldwide. Many of our customers in the world use our product.


Reliable Backbones

advantage 03You can trust on us as we have backbones of JGC Corporation, the Japan's leading engineering company as well as UOP LLC, a worldwide licenser of the oil refining and petrochemical processes.