Message from Top Management

With the slogan "Pursuit of harmony with nature",
we aim to contribute to society through licensing and catalyst technology.

With the slogan "Pursuit of harmony with nature", we aim to contribute to society through licensing and catalyst technology.

代表取締役社長 伊藤 浩文

"Pursue the Harmony
with Nature, -Catalyst-"

President Yasufumi Kosakai

Nikki-Universal Co., Ltd. has been engaged in the licensing of petroleum refining and petrochemical processes of UOP LLC, a leading international supplier and licensor of the U.S.A. for such processes as, supplying of process technologies (which include patents and expertise), and manufacturing with the developing of high performance process catalysts since it was established as a joint venture between UOP and JGC Corporation, (a world leading engineering contractor of Japan). Meanwhile, as a respected pioneer of industrial exhaust gas treatment catalyst, we have been developing and supplying purifying catalysts for a cleaner environment, catalysts for energy savings and catalytic technologies to expand its application areas.

Today, our licensed UOP processes are more than 800 units and we have played a predominant role in the petroleum refining and petrochemical industries. In addition, we have excellent and experienced capability to manufacture and supply the following catalysts:

  • Petroleum refining and petrochemical catalysts for UOP processes
  • Industrial exhaust gas treatment catalysts
  • Gas purifying catalysts for saving energy
  • Normal temperature catalysts for home/office appliances, such as electric appliances and air cleaners
  • Fuel cell related catalysts

For nearly 60 years we have been manufacturing unique and original catalysts in the areas of energy and environment. During this period we have been focused and committed to a "Better Environment for the Future", continuing research and development; supplying many products to the markets; and responding to customer's needs. We will continue to make persistent efforts to be a higher level technology provider encouraged by great support and appreciation of our customers.

Recently the world faces the variety of social issues such as decarbonization, thus the solutions for such social issues in medium- and long-term perspective, with considerations to the contribution for the social needs such as SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) and ESG (Environment, Society and Governance) is required.

We continue to be "an essential company for the society by realizing the sustainable future " by contributing to the solution for the social issues through our licensing business and environment-friendly catalysts, as well as continuing our commitment to "Pursue the Harmony with Nature".