NOx Reduction Catalyst

nox 02In addition to the conventional (V2O5-W2O5) DeNOx catalyst, we have developed and commercialized DeNOx catalysts which are workable at a higher temperature of more than 400 degC.


For NOx removal technology, there are mainly two processes; one is "wet process" (caustic scrubber) and the other is "dry process" (SCR, Selective Catalytic Reduction). Wet process is a method of absorbing NOx using liquid (requires disposal of absorbed solution etc.) and its efficiency is not so high and it is costly. Dry method is commonly used for the most of fields such as thermal power plant application.

In case that NH3 and organic nitrogen compounds are contained in exhaust gas, perfect decomposition of ammonia and reduction of NOx generation can be established with our NHN catalysts. However, NOx already exists in the gas stream before treatment, DeNOx catalyst is required injection of NH3 or urea water as a reducing agent. In addition to typical V2O5-W2O5 catalysts, we supply high temperature durable catalyst workable at over 400℃. This catalyst can treat not only NOx but also N2O in the condition of NOx-N2O coexistence.

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