NH3 Removal Catalyst

Ammonia(NH3) Removal Catalyst

There are currently two ways to synthesize ammonia: green ammonia production using renewable energy and blue ammonia production capturing and storing CO2 using fossil fuel. In this way, we contribute to the prevention of global warming by providing catalysts to these fields that use ammonia as a fuel.

Ammonia(NH3) Removal Catalyst

When ammonia (NH3) is used as a fuel for decarbonization, you have to be careful of NH3 that leaks without being used in combustion.
When dealing with this leaking ammonia, it is necessary to address the ammonia that suppressed the generation of nitrous oxide (N2O), which has a global warming potential of 310 times greater than CO2.
Typically, when ammonia is oxidative combustion, ammonia itself is oxidative decomposition. However, NOx and N2O are produced as by-products simultaneously.
We are offering ammonia removal catalysts that suppress the generation of these byproducts of NOx and N2O.

Comparison Performance
Between Oxidation catalyst and NH3 Removal Catalyst

If we use general oxidation catalyst such as Platinum for ammonia treatment, It is possible to destruction NH3 at low temperature. But N2O and NOx are generated. (Please see the below graph)

However, our ammonia removal catalyst has both oxidation and reduction functions. It can decompose and detoxify ammonia with high efficiency while also reducing NOx and N2O. (Please see the below graph)

Our ammonia removal catalyst achieves good NH3 decomposition performance and reduction of NOx and N2O even under high moisture content of 30%. (Please see the below graph)

Catalyst Spec.

Catalyst Ammonia Removal catalyst
Shape Honeycomb
Cell Density 50~200 cpsi
Standard Size 150×150×50tmm
Inlet Temperature 280degC ~

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