Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Develop, manufacture, and sell market-leading catalysts; promote sale of UOP processes in Japan
Greater customer satisfaction, value, and corporate social responsibility/contribution, HSE(Health, Safety and Environmental Protection)
Develop new fields and products through continuing collaboration with UOP and JGC group , and aim more stable management and profit

Vision of Hiratsuka Operation (Plant & Research Center)

  • “Live in harmony with nature; protect the quality of the air”
  • Contribute to create better environment for the future

Mission of Plant

  • Continue zero-accident manufacturingactivities
  • Achieve world-leading quality, costs, and manufacturing technologies
  • Maintain a positive, clean workplaceenvironment

Mission of Research Center

  • Develop catalysts and other products that contribute to effective energy resource usage and environmental protection
  • Innovate and expand core technologies;create new business opportunities