Enamel Wire Application

Our oxidation catalyst (1st Catalyst) is used for exhaust gas heat recovery in enamel electric wire oven and has experienced for more than 30 years.

The following is a typical performance data of 2nd catalyst which was installed in addition to the original 1st catalyst.

Please examine 2nd catalyst for bad smell improvement.

enamel wire_e

Catalyst Performance

 1st Catalyst Inlet2nd Catalyst Inlet2nd Catalyst Outlet
7,300 2,300 230
Xylene 23.3ppm 3.4ppm 0.1ppm
Phenol 4.1ppm Not Detected Not Detected
Cresol 4.1ppm Not Detected Not Detected
THC-2 3,484ppmC 380ppmC 10ppmC

*Catalyst : NM / NHX(VOC Treatment)
*Pretreater : NC(Catalyst Poison Measures)

Application Example for Enamel Oven(Horizontal Oven)

enamel wire_03

Product Description

Performance Data

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