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If you have any queries or comments, please fill in the form and send it to us. In addition, as we may need to confirm details with you over the phone or send relevant documentation, please enter your address and telephone number as well as your name and email address. Nikki-Universal will only use any personal information provided for the purposes of replying to your inquiry. Please accept and proceed to filling in the form

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1. Nikki-Universal Co., Ltd. ("We") will comply with laws and other regulations for the protection of personal information.
2. We handle personal information properly without any loss or damage of such personal information by (a) conducting appropriate education for our employees, (b) appointing an administrator for personal information management, and (c) taking reasonable security management for preventing personal information from breach or leak.
3. Personal information collected from you will be used only for (a) fulfilling our contractual obligations to you, (b) our recruitment activities, or (c) to the extent of our achieving other business purposes. 4. Personal information collected from you will not be disclosed or provided to any third party without a justifiable reason, except in the following cases:

(1) In case your consent/permission is made
(2) In case your personal information is necessary for our subcontractor or business partner. In such case we will have such subcontractor or business partner to be bound by obligations of confidentiality and limitation of use and the disclosure of your personal information to such subcontractor or business partner will be to the extent it is necessary.
(3) In case disclosure of personal information is made with the processing that personal identification is not available
(4) In case disclosure of your personal information is requested or ordered by any court or other governmental body to the extent such disclosure is required by such court or body pursuant to court order or other legal or governmental process of authority.

5. In case of your own inquiry or request that (a) the details of your personal information we hold or (b) such personal information should be corrected, we will make an appropriate response to such inquiry or request after our identification that the person who make such inquiry or request is indeed himself/herself by checking the personal information
6. Our website may collect certain kind of information such as IP address, domain, etc. regarding the access and content usage status of website visitors, but such information does not identify an individual. Such collected information will not be used for any purpose other than improvement of our services on our website or our website itself.