HSE Policy


We believe that one of our most important missions is ensuring that our Hiratsuka Plant works in harmony with the environment. Our goal is to be a corporation that contributes to a better society through business activities mainly through the development and production of clean refined petroleum that maximizes the effective use of oil resources, high-function catalysts for petrochemicals, and environmental catalysts designed for reducing environmental pollution.


  1. Operating a plant involved in the development and production of catalysts, chemicals, and other products, Nikki-Universal pays careful attention to the results of environmental impact assessments, maintaining and continuing to improve our environmental management systems.
  2. Engage in environmental management that complies with related environmental statutes, agreements, etc.
  3. Nikki-Universal engages in the safe use and storage of chemicals, as well as the prevention of emissions from our plant.
  4. Nikki-Universal promotes energy and resource conservation, recycling, and waste reduction.
  5. Nikki-Universal endeavors to develop catalysts designed to reduce our environmental footprint.
  6. Nikki-Universal establishes specific environmental objectives and targets, endeavoring to reach these targets. The company reviews objectives and targets regularly, making revisions when deemed necessary.


These environmental policies are published for the reference of all employees. Nikki-Universal publicly discloses policies in response to external requests.