CO2 adsorbent

CO2 Adsorbent/ Desorbent

  • The Japanese government has declared that they will plan to achieve Carbon-Neutral by 2050 and decided on a policy of thorough energy conservation and maximum use of renewable energy.
  • We provide CO2 adsorption/desorption agents to utilize concentrated CO2 and CO2 removal by adsorption/desorption of carbon dioxide (CO2) at room temperature.

Heat-Regenerable Filter


In recent years, there has been a growing Improvement need for indoor air quality (IAQ) in living spaces, which is very important for maintaining our health. In particular, in addition to the conventional needs of dust collection and deodorization, the need to reduce carbon dioxide has become apparent. Suppose the CO2 concentration increases in a sealed living space and reaches several thousand ppm. In that case, it is thought to cause drowsiness, fatigue, and loss of concentration.


Zeolite-based materials are widely known as general CO2 adsorbent materials. However, they have a problem that their absorptivity is significantly degraded by moisture. On the other hand, our CO2 adsorbent is not easily affected by moisture. Thus, it retains high CO2 adsorption performance even under high humidity, making it suitable for CO2 recovery from the atmosphere.

  • Features

    ・CO2 adsorption mechanism less affected by humidity
    ・High adsorption performance under low CO2 concentration

  • Specifications

    ・Materials : Inorganic metal oxide
    ・Shape : Honeycomb , Granular


Application Examples Effect
CO2 Removal system Air conditioning Create comfortable environment for living space
CO2 Capture ・Utilization Agriculture, etc Environment Friendly supply of CO2
CO2 Capture・Storage

CO2 removal performance test

Relationship between Carbon Dioxide Concentration and Discomfort and Health Damage

~ 450PPM:Healthy ventilation control level (outside air or open windows)
~ 700PPM:No health problems even if you stay for a long time.
~1000PPM:No health hazard, but some people may notice discomfort
~2000PPM:Increase in the number of people getting sleepy and other physical changes and complaints about air conditioning start to appear.
~3000PPM:Some people start to feel stiff shoulders and headaches.
3000PPM~:In addition to headache, dizziness, and other symptoms that can be harmful to health if stayed for a long time

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