Sulfur Durable Catalyst

nh 04It is known that conventional oxidation catalysts (such as Pt/Al2O3) oxide sulfur compounds and generate SOx. Relatively a large amount of SOx may cause serious damage to the catalyst substrate (Al2O3) in a short period of time. In case of low concentration of sulfur, such as a few ppm or less, it is workable for conventional oxidation catalysts by increasing operation temperature and quantity of catalysts. In case of high concentration of sulfur, such as hundreds ppm or more, however, it is difficult to tolerate sulfur and it may cause permanent poison for catalyst. N-U has a series of sulfur durable catalyst to improve the sulfur durability.


Catalyst Sulfur Durable Catalyst
Shape Honeycomb Monolith
Cell Density 200 cells/inch2
Standard Size 150×150×50tmm
Inlet Temperature 350 degC~

Sulfur Durability Test

When NS catalysts, spherical oxidation catalysts, were exposed to exhaust gas containing sulfur compounds for 5 months, they were broken. In contrast, sulfur durable catalysts got no damage visually and catalyst performance was perfectly acceptable. In addition, N-U confirmed that there was no catalyst deactivation over 2,000 hours sulfur durability test.

sulfur 02

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