N2O Removal Catalyst

N2O (Nitrous Oxide) Removal Catalyst

  • Ammonia is one of the option as a new enegy source to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help achieve a decarbonized society since 2019.
  • Ammonia is expected to be an alternative fuel to conventional coal and oil because it does not emit CO2 when burned.
  • However, burning the ammonia produces N2O (nitrous oxide) which has a higher global warming potential of about 310 times CO2.
  • We propose a catalyst that decomposes NOx and N2O generated when ammonia is used as a fuel in stationary power generation facilities and ships.

Catalyst Spec.

Catalyst N2O Removal Catalyst
Shape Honeycomb
Cell Density 50~400cpsi
Standard Size 150×150×50tmm
Inlet Temp. DeNOx:300℃~

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