Catalyst Preparation, Commercialization and Toll Manufacturing


We have over 50 years of extensive knowledge from catalyst research and development (R&D) and manufacturing for chemical and petrochemical industries.

We offer various catalyst manufacturing technologies as well as zeolite synthesis technologies to support your custom catalyst project. We can also prepare lab-scale catalyst samples at your request.

Various raw materials such as honeycomb support are also available from our network.

Technologies Available

1. Zeolite Synthesis Technology

We synthesize various type of zeolite materials utilizing UOP methods and your own methods.

2. Supporting and Coating Technology

We provide formed catalysts containing precious and/or base metal or coated with catalyst powders using impregnation, ion-exchange and wash-coating technique (we perform calcination, reduction, and other gas treatments as needed)

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3. Catalyst Forming Technology

Extrusion, granulation and tablet compression technologies are available for catalyst and catalyst support manufacturing.

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