Procurement Info

Procurement policy

We seek reliable suppliers for raw materials, packing materials and technical equipment worldwide to provide valuable products and to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage.

  1. Openness and fairness

    We always entertain proposals from current and potential suppliers in Japan and abroad with fair and comprehensive evaluation of various factors.  Prospective suppliers are evaluated based on cost competitiveness, technological capabilities and corporate philosophy.
  2. Partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships

    We recognize that suppliers play a pivotal role in our company's operations.  To that end, we wish to establish a healthy and mutually beneficial working relationship on the basis of mutual trust with our suppliers.
  3. Compliance with laws and regulations

    We recognize the importance of ethical considerations, and comply with all laws, regulations and social standards in implementing our every day purchasing activities.
  4. Confidentiality

    We intend to rigidly manage the information from our suppliers via the purchasing process and maintain information confidentially.

Purchasing Process

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