Toxicity of Ozone

Ozone is very unstable, but has strong oxidation capability and high reactivity substance. In case the concentration of ozone is high, it is highly toxic gas. In Japan, the acceptable concentration of ozone in workspace is not more than 0.1ppm. The example of influence on the body at ozone concentration is the following:

Ozone concentrationInfluence/action/effects on the body
0.01~0.02 ppm Feel smell
0.1 ppm Strong smell. Irritation at nose and throat
0.2~0.5 ppm Visual deterioration in 3~6 hours
0.5 ppm Upper respiratory symptom
1~2 ppm Headache and a chest pain in 2 hours
5~10 ppm Increase in pulse rate emphysema symptom
15~20 ppm Small animals will die within 2 hours
50 ppm Threat to life within 1 hour

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