Ozone Destruction Catalyst

ozone 02Recently, ozone technology is used for various manufacturing processes. For example, those are corona discharge, semiconductor washing, water disposal, and electron irradiation, and so on.
NU's ozone destruction catalysts, NHC series, have high gas-contact efficiency and low pressure drop because of its honeycomb structure. NHC ozone destruction catalysts are made of an inorganic and nonflammable material. Moreover, our NHC catalysts are workable with high performance at wide ranges of ozone concentrations and temperatures.


Toxicity of Ozone


Catalyst Specification

Catalyst Name NHC Catalyst Types
Catalyst Shape Corrugated Honeycomb
Cell Density 200 or 500 cells/inch2
Catalyst Size 150 x 150 x t50mm
Apparent Bulk Density 0.4-0.5 g/cc

Commercial References

Field of ApplicationTypical Ozone ConcentrationCommercial Unit
Surface treatment washing (liquid crystal, semiconductor, etc.) 1,000~tens of thousands ppm more than 500 units
Corona discharge (film, metal, etc.) 1~hundreds ppm
Water disposal (water and sewage, pool, ozone water manufacture machine, etc.) 100~tens of thousands ppm
EB irradiation (food, medical treatment, medical implements, etc.) Tens of ppm

Performance Curve

ozonedestruction 01

Comparison table (Catalytic VS. Adsorption)

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