Oxidation Catalyst for indoor applications

lec 05We have various experiences in industrial exhaust gas treating by catalytic combustion system. Our oxidation catalysts, NM, NCI and NHI, were developed on the basis of the experiences and can decompose odors in living space with excellent efficiency.


Typical applications IH cooker, garbage disposer and etc.
Typical product shape Foam metal / Ceramic honeycomb monolith
Product code NM (foam metal), NCI (corrugated ceramic honeycomb), NHI (extruded ceramic honeycomb)


  • Excellent performance in odor decomposition at range of 200 ~ 400 degC
  • Flexible product size
  • Long product life
  • Non-combustibility

Typical Specification

NM (foam metal type)

Dimensions flexible
Flammability non-flammable
Quality of material foam metal, precious metal, metal oxides and etc.

NCI and NHI (ceramic honeycomb type)

Dimensions flexible
Cell density 200~400 cells per sq. inch.
Flammability non-flammable
Quality of material ceramic honeycomb monolith, precious metal, metal oxides and etc.

We also have oxidation catalysts for industrial applications and have supplied them to worldwide customers for over 30 years. (Jump to VOC/Odor Treatment Catalyst)

Typical Applications

  • IH cooker
  • Garbage disposer
  • Fish roaster
  • Other deodorization

Odor Decomposition by NM, NCI and NHI

nm 02

Our oxidation catalyst can decompose odors and oil smoke at temperature range of 200 ~ 400 degC with extremely high efficiency.

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