Semiconductor Application

Hydrogen or ammonia is used for the semiconductor manufacturing processes.
Exhaust gas containing NH3 is usually treated by DFI,RTO and CCS, however it causes a secondary problem of NOx and N2O formation.
Our NHN catalysts can make possible to treat NH3 and organic nitrogen gases effectively having with less generation of NOx and N2O.
We have already had many references for the application.

In addition, ozone is used in the semiconductor washing process.
Our NHC catalysts are workable with high performance at wide ranges of ozone concentrations and temperatures.

Ammonia(NH3) Destruction

 Catalyst Inlet Catalyst OutletConversion
NH3 5,000ppm <1ppm >99.9%
NOx - 10ppm 
N2O 162ppm 

*Catalyst: NHN(NH3 Destruction Catalyst)

Ozone Destruction

 Catalyst InletCatalyst Outlet
Ozone  112ppm <0.1ppm

*Catalyst: NHC(Ozone Destruction Catalyst)

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