Ozone Destruction Catalyst for indoor applications

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Our ozone destruction catalyst, NHC, can oxidize harmful ozone into oxygen at room temperature. Compared to activated carbon filters, NHC has a higher ozone destruction efficiency and longer product life with less pressure drop and therefore can reduce running cost for ozone removal system.

Typical applications Ozone removal filter for copy machine, home appliance, electric dust collector and etc
Typical product shape Honeycomb monolith
Product code NHC-M (metal honeycomb), NHC-R (ceramic honeycomb)


  • Excellent performance in ozone destruction at room temperature
  • Low pressure drop
  • Flexible product size
  • Long product life

Typical Specification

NHC-M (metal honeycomb type)

Dimensions flexible
Cell density 500 cells per sq. inch and higher
Flammability UL94 V-0 grade
Quality of material metal honeycomb monolith, metal oxides and etc

NHC-R (ceramic honeycomb type)

Dimensions flexible
Cell density 80 ~ 500 cells per sq. inch
Flammability non-flammable
Quality of material ceramic honeycomb monolith, metal oxides and etc

We also have a ceramic honeycomb type ozone destruction catalyst for industrial applications. (Jump to Ozone destruction catalyst for industrial applications)

Typical Applications

  • Copy machines
  • Air purifiers
  • Electric dust collectors that generate ozone
  • Air conditioners
  • Other ozone removal devices

Ozone Destruction by NHC

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NHC can decompose ozone into oxygen with extremely high efficiency at room temperature. The chemical reaction formula of the catalytic ozone destruction is as follows:

Catalytic ozone destruction reaction

Step1:  O3 + M(catalyst) → M-O + O2

Step2:  M-O + O3 → M + 2O2


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