Nikki-Universal Co., Ltd. (N-U) is a joint venture company established in 1963 by JGC Corporation, a Japanese corporation, and UOP LLC (UOP), a United States company.
The relationship between JGC and UOP dates back to 1928, when JGC introduced the Dubbs Thermal Cracking technique from UOP.
Under the agreements with UOP, JGC had had a right to license UOP processes in Japan until the said agreements were transferred to N-U in 1969.
N-U was originally organized to manufacture and sell UOP Platforming catalyst using UOP's technology; subsequently followed by the manufacture and sale of other UOP catalysts.
As indicated above, in 1969 the licensing activity of UOP processes was added to N-U's business line with the licensing territory extended to certain other Far Eastern nations.

In connection with the addition of the licensing of UOP processes, process service activity was transferred from JGC to N-U and expanded to represent UOP's service functions.

In the field of chemicals and industrial products, N-U commenced in 1966 the manufacture and sale of food grade formulations known as “Sustane" antioxidants, and began the sale of various UOP-manufactured petroleum additives in 1969.

In 1974, under a contract with UOP Automotive Products Division, N-U started to supply UOP's automotive catalysts to Japanese automobile makers to assist them eliminating pollutants of exhaust gases of automobiles.

In 1970 marketing of catalytic combustion systems for the elimination of odors and other environmental pollutants was started.

In 1977, N-U succeeded in development of various catalysts for the elimination of odor and commenced the manufacture and sale of these catalysts.
UOP Automotive catalysts and N-U's industrial catalysts for elimination of odors and other environmental pollutants have been widely accepted in the industries, maintaining very high reputation.

In 1989, N-U succeeded in developing environmental catalysts for refrigerators and air purifiers, and started marketing such catalysts in the same year.
Nowadays using catalysts in refrigerators and air purifiers is widely adopted.

In 1996, N-U's UOP related businesses for Asian countries was transferred to Universal Oil Products Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. (joint venture company between UOP and N-U) headquartered in Singapore.
As a result, N-U's marketing activities for UOP related businesses are now confined to only Japan.