Halogen Durable Catalyst

nh 02In case organic/inorganic halogens exist in gas stream, very low concentration (of the order of a few ppm) may decline catalyst performance. There is no accumulation of catalyst poisons of halogens, and the deactivation mechanism is considered as temporary adsorption of halogens. In general, if there are no halogen compounds in the stream gas, most of the catalytic performance is recovered.

N-U has a series of halogen durable catalysts to improve hydrocarbon destruction efficiency in the presence of halogens such as methyl bromide, and trichloroethylene, etc.

Catalyst Halogen Durable Catalyst (NHH)
Shape Honeycomb Monolith
Cell Density 200 cells/inch2
Standard Size 150×150×50tmm
Inlet Temperature 350 degC~

Performance Curve

Influence of Ethyl Acetate conversion under the coexistence with Trichloroethylene (TCE)

halogen 02

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