Corrosion Inhibitors

UNICOR corrosion inhibitors are of the film-forming type. They are formulated to protect against corrosion in the condensing areas of refinery equipment by forming a protective film on the metal surfaces. UNICOR inhibitors are also available for protection of storage and transportation equipment. UNICOR active ingredients are dissolved in solvent to afford good handling properties.

Applications Refinery & Petrochemical Process
Type UNICOR series


UOP Antioxidants

UOP antioxidants are formulated to provide premier protection against oxidative degradation of motor and aviation gasoline, jet fuels and lubricating oils. Many are approved for use in military fuels.
The products of choice and required dosage for specific applications will depend on substrate properties, specifications and end uses.

Applications Motor and aviation gasoline
Type UOP No.5 NU
No.400 470 3457


Applications Aviation gasoline, jet fuels,
Type NU No.334-60


Applications Lubricating Oil
Type UOP No.225

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