Toilet Deodorization

The warm water bidet has become more widespread due to the increasing attention on cleanliness and comfort, and function has evolved every year. With the widespread popularity in Japan, there is a growing demand for new functions in addition to simple cleaning and drying functions.

Deodorizing catalysts have been applied to remove odors from toilets to meet the needs related to comfort.

Since the odor generated in the toilet bowl has a low threshold and becomes a strong smell even at a low concentration, it is desired to be the appropriate removal. Since our catalyst can remove odors quickly, we can provide the users with a comfortable and healthy environment.

The catalyst is also used for deodorization systems using ozone.


Catalysts list

Methyl mercaptan and ammonia are the most common odor components in toilets.
Methyl mercaptan is a low threshold component and requires highly efficient removal.

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