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NU has over 50 years of encyclopedic knowledge and experience in the catalyst industry and associated technologies. New products as well as applied and manufacturing technologies for catalysts are developed on the basis of our outstanding R&D system. In addition, advanced analytical technologies support the R&D activities.

Research Center - Proven Catalyst Development


As one of the leading suppliers of catalysts in Japan, NU develops new catalysts and applied technologies under a well-established R&D system.

Research and Development


The Research and development division always puts the customer's needs as first priority and works on developing high quality and high performance catalysts. We realize customer’s needs through effective cooperation system among R&D, sales and manufacturing departments with close communication.

New Product Development and Commercialization


A new product is commercialized by scaling-up a research prototype through commercial and mass-production trials. The Technical Center takes the lead to advance the commercialization taking into account diversified standpoints such as quality, HSE (health, safety and environment) and manufacturing capacity. Under the well-organized production system, we develop and deliver products to customers with confidence.

Research System


Process catalyst technology based on UOP technology and environmental catalyst technology developed by ourselves have grown with support from first-rate analysis and evaluation technologies, creating various products and applied technologies. We aim to develop catalysts and technologies in new fields using these experiences and knowledge as a steppingstone.

Development of New Field for Catalyst and Technology

We can support customers to develop and commercialize their catalysts by applying our experience and technologies on catalyst preparation, analysis, performance evaluation and material development (alumina, zeolite, etc.).

Joint Development

Based on abundant experience of both ourselves and UOP for catalyst development, we can support your catalyst development activities.
(Conclusion of a joint development agreement is assumed.)