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Enzyme Filter Media

The primary function of this enzyme filter is to kill airborne microorganisms caught on the surface of the filter, resulting in protection against secondary contamination from microorganisms in air filtration systems.
As seen in electroscopic photos below the cross section of filter media, dust (dust image)tends to accumulate to a depth of up to one-third of the media thickness in the inlet side. Microorganisms (microorganisms image)caught with dust multiply on the surface of the filter media and pass through the filter. This is known as secondary contamination.


Conventional HEPA Filter MediaEnzyme HEPA Filter Media
enzyme 03 enzyme 04


bacteria_multiply The enzyme filter media is able to protect air filtration systems from secondary contamination caused by microorganisms due to lytic enzymes that are uniformly immobilized through a cross section of filter media.
Bacteria Multiply
Fungi Regrowth_image enzyme_HEPA_image
Fungi RegrowthEnzyme HEPA


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