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High performance foam metal catalysts with high contact efficiency. Low pressure drop honeycomb monolith catalysts-durable for catalyst poison, sulfur, etc. High performance spherical catalysts based on our own alumina’s technology.

N-U has the following catalyst portfolio:

bt voc

VOC/Odor Treatment

Precious metal (Pt and Pd) oxidation catalysts


Catalyst Poison Measures

Guard Bed Catalysts for catalyst poisons such as organic silicon, etc.

bt petrochemical

Petrochemical Off-Gas

Catalysts for off-gas treatment coming from oxidation processes such as AA, PTA, MMA etc.

bt oven

Oven Cleaning

Catalysts for oven cleaning and energy saving.

bt ammonia

NH3 destruction

Catalysts for ammonia/organic nitrogen compounds destruction (minimize NOx and N2O generations).

bt ghg

GHG(Green House Gas) Treatment

Suitable catalysts for destruction of CH4, N2O.

bt ozone

Ozone Destruction

Honeycomb catalysts workable for a wide range of ozone concentrations.

bt gasengine

Gas Engine / Gas Turbine

Precious metal catalysts suitable for destruction of formaldehyde, CO and odor control.

bt nox

NOx Reduction

In addition to conventional V2O5-W2O5 DeNOx catalysts, N-U have high temperature durable DeNOx catalyst (workable at more than 410 degC).

bt tecservice

Field Test, Catalyst Evaluation and Customer Service

N-U provides various customer service such as field test, chemical rejuvenation, catalyst performance evaluation/analysis, etc.

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