Our oxidation catalyst (1st Catalyst) is used for exhaust gas heat recovery in enamel electric wire oven and has experienced for more than 30 years.

The following is a typical performance data of 2nd catalyst which was installed in addition to the original 1st catalyst.

Please examine 2nd catalyst for bad smell improvement.

enamel wire_e

Catalyst Performance

 1st Catalyst Inlet2nd Catalyst Inlet2nd Catalyst Outlet
7,300 2,300 230
Xylene 23.3ppm 3.4ppm 0.1ppm
Phenol 4.1ppm Not Detected Not Detected
Cresol 4.1ppm Not Detected Not Detected
THC-2 3,484ppmC 380ppmC 10ppmC

*Catalyst : NM / NHX(VOC Treatment)
*Pretreater : NC(Catalyst Poison Measures)

Application Example for Enamel Oven(Horizontal Oven)

enamel wire_03

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