Selective catalytic oxidation is a very simple answer to air purification. In indoor air pollution, the biggest problem is VVOC (very volatile organic compounds) rather than VOC. VVOC such as formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, etc are very volatile and always at gaseous state under living space conditions. This is known as possible source for sick house or sick office syndrome and allergic chemical substances. N-U has developed a selective oxidation catalyst to oxidize HCHO at room temperature. This selective oxidation catalyst, LTC, also partially catalyzes oxidation of mercaptans and hydrogen sulfide, which are extremely odorous in living environments at room temperature.


•Air Purifiers
•Air Conditioners
•Other Deodorization

Catalyst TypeLTC
Shape Corrugated Honeycomb
Cell Density, cell/inch2 200〜500 cell/inch2
Size Max 150mm Longitudinal
Max 300mm Transversal
5〜50mm Thickness